about us


We are an international Catholic association of adolescents
who make a pledge of friendship with Christ and with each other
to build up a new world according to the Gospel.
We are adolescents who live the charism of the Regnum Christi movement.

Every ECYD member lives the 5 essential elements of ECYD life:

team life

As they interact with others, they get to know themselves better and God sheds deeper light on their own interior. Team life is also a place where they can get to know their friends, discovering the value of true friendship; where each person feels accepted and loved as they are; where they become aware of being part of something bigger than themselves as they share a common mission


The key to apostolate is learning to discover what others need and choosing to help them as much as we can. At the same time, we discover how much we need others. The goal of apostolic activities is for teens to discover the grandeur of being an apostle, living constantly ready to give of themselves to other people:

prayer & sacraments

In ECyD teenagers develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. They learn to listen to him who doesn’t talk to them like other friends do, but rather speaks to their heart


Every formative activity in ECyD is designed to reach teens’ hearts, bringing deep questions to the surface. We want to awaken in teens the search for meaning and to present Jesus Christ as the answer to their quest.


Personalized attention is one of ECyD’s principles for responding to each adolescent in a unique way. ECyD offers concrete means that “contribute to personalized attention”. They would be able to talk openly about anything important to them, what they are going through, and above all their relationship with God and growth in ECyD

meet  our Team

jill swallow, grace brown, regina hernandez

ale zapata, cristy villaseñor, isa emmelhainz